Recipe of the day: Mixed cans

Recipe of the day: Mixed cans

Just before the final kitchen cleanup, everything must go. Everything.

25 March 2008

So here's today's recipe which consists of the remaining cans in my kitchen. As it turns out, the contents were surprisingly tasty.

In case, you find some old cans in your kitchen - here's what you need:


  • a can of asparagus

  • a can of tomato sauce with chunks

  • a can of coconut milk

  • a can of red beans

  • some left over Roquefort cheese (yes, the stinky one!)

  • a can of tuna fish in salt water (not oil!)

  • some hard, crusty bread

Preparation: Open all cans and mix the contents together in a pot. Add the Roquefort cheese. Stir for 20 Minutes. Serve with a smile and some hard bread from last week.


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